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Product Description

Think the shimmer of a gold bangle, the crown emoji, and citrine. Shines brightest underwater.

Completely reimagined for form and function, SHHHOWERCAP not only looks better, it works better too.

Made with a premium, nanotech fabric, SHHHOWERCAP is completely waterproof. The hydrophobic fabric is also anti-microbial, breathable, and humidity defying.

A non-slip silicone grip means the cap stays in place without leaving a mark on your forehead. An elastic back band, together with an expandable back pocket fits all hair types, and textures.

Optimised to reduce the noise of water hitting it, this shower cap encourages relaxation. The chic silhouette and fashion forward prints can be worn outside of the shower, as well as for hair masquing, face masques, and makeup application.

SHHHOWERCAP is built to last. Easily machine washable, and proudly made and manufactured in America for the best quality available.

Vegan. Latex free.
Directions: Secure hair at the back of your head (no top knots). Put the cap on from back to front, scooping your hair up from below. Pull SHHHOWERCAP forward to create a perfectly protected seal on your forehead. Ensure ears are tucked in under the band. Adjust as necessary for the perfect fit. It should be snug and secure.

Can also be used while deep conditioning and hair masking, as well as to protect against moisture when it is raining, or while at the pool or beach.

Care instructions: Treat like a delicate. Machine wash in cold when necessary and hang dry.