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Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste 75ml
Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste 75ml

Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste 75ml


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Product Description

REGENERATE Enamel Science™ Advanced Toothpaste is so effective that scientists had to develop a new water-free formula to prevent NR-5™ ingredients from reacting & unleashing their regenerative power in the tube.

REGENERATE Advanced Toothpaste 75ml is powered by an exclusive and clinically proven NR-5™ technology. Thanks to its unique formulation, the Advanced Toothpaste has distinctive product characteristics: a dense formula with a rich texture due to the high content of ingredients.

With each use of Advanced Toothpaste, its unique NR-5™ ingredients form a fresh supply of enamel mineral. These wrap and integrate onto the teeth and regenerate enamel mineral* with exactly the same mineral tooth enamel is made of.

Benefits of REGENERATE Enamel Science™ Advanced Toothpaste:
- Regenerates enamel mineral*
- Protects and strengthens against cavities
- Helps to restore original whiteness
- Gives you fresh mint sensation

Advanced Toothpaste starts working immediately, from the first use.
It should be used daily, at least twice a day in place of your regular toothpaste.

Reverse early erosion process*

*Acts on early invisible stages of enamel erosion. Helps to regenerate enamel by restoring its mineral content and micro hardness with regular use. Clinically proven.
A Unique Formulation.