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FOREO H2Overdose Ultra-Hydrating UFO™ Activated Mask Pack 6 x 6g
FOREO H2Overdose Ultra-Hydrating UFO™ Activated Mask Pack 6 x 6g

FOREO H2Overdose Ultra-Hydrating UFO™ Activated Mask Pack 6 x 6g


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Product Description

Quench Your Skin’s Thirst!

This deeply hydrating face mask for dry, dehydrated skin pairs with UFO and UFO mini to restore moisture and replenish skin that feels tight and uncomfortable. The moisturising blend delivers an intense facial treatment for dry, thirsty skin and boosts hydration for a nourished complexion.

Active ingredients featured in this Korean formula provide an instant hydration boost that leaves skin supple and smooth. Hyaluronic acid serves as a moisture elixir that soothes skin in dire need of moisture and gives it a healthy glow, whereas aquaxyl prevents hydration loss by reinforcing the skin barrier.

The face mask treatment starts with 30 seconds of skin prepping by utilising Thermotherapy and red LED light. In the following 60 seconds, T-Sonic pulsations are activated for deeper infusion of mask essence. The final 30 seconds employs green LED light to restore comfort to tight, irritated skin.

- Provides an instant infusion of moisture for smoother, more supple skin.
- Delivers long-lasting hydration to soothe dry skin.
- Replenishes skin’s natural moisture barrier to prevent hydration loss.

Product is compatible with UFO and UFO mini.

Key features:
- Ultra-hydrating mask, for skin that looks and feels hydrated, protected and refreshed.
- Ultra-soft microfiber mask based on Korean skincare formulas, containing hyaluronic acid + aquaxyl.
- Hyaluronic acid instantly infuses moisture into skin, providing the perfect amount of hydration.
- Aquaxyl boosts the effects of hyaluronic acid and reinforces the skin’s natural barrier.
- Needs to be paired with UFO or UFO mini device by FOREO.
- 2-minute treatment for instant results.
- Evenly distributes mask formula across every area of the face.
- Prepping: Thermotherapy and revitalising red LED light smoothes and preps the skin to absorb the full benefits of the mask ingredients.
- Hydrating: After 30 seconds, T-Sonic pulsations are added to the heat to facilitate absorption of hydrating ingredients.
- Soothing: Thermotheraphy & low-frequency pulsations combine with green LED light to soothe the skin.
- Natural and safe ingredients; contains no Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, s or Disodium EDTA.