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Ecooking™ Face Brush
Ecooking™ Face Brush

Ecooking™ Face Brush


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Product Description

This brush is particularly suitable for the Peeling Mask and Clay Mask.

The brush makes it easy to spread the mask evenly over the face and you will notice that you need much less product; it will not only help you save product, it is also more hygienic to use.

The brush is made up of synthetic hair strands, which are the most allergy-friendly.

Ecooking is a cruelty-free brand; they do not test any of their products on animals. All products are natural, organic and vegan.
Directions: Remember to always clean the brush thoroughly with water after use. Once you have cleaned the brush, let it rest with the brush head downwards; this way you prevent the water from collecting at the bond and causing the brush head to loosen.