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COLLISTAR Anti Stretch Marks Concentrate 150ml
COLLISTAR Anti Stretch Marks Concentrate 150ml

COLLISTAR Anti Stretch Marks Concentrate 150ml


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Product Description

From Collistar the new frontier in dermo-cosmetic research: PURE ACTIVES for treating stretch marks.

An exclusive concentrate that combines the three molecules essential for a firm, supple skin: Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen. To optimise the treatment's effectiveness, the three Pure Actives are contained in a nourishing and elasticising matrix consisting of Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Jojoba Wax.

Reducing the appearance of both new and old scars, the concentrate contrasts the loss of skin elasticity and helps improve overall appearance of existing stretch marks. When used regularly and constantly, it firms and strengthens the skin helping reduce the appearance of new stretch marks, and helps to reduce and soften the unsightly colour of existing stretch marks.

Key Benefits and Results:
- Redensifies, firms and strengthens skin tissue helping prevent stretch marks from forming.
- Helps reduce, soften and improve the appearance of the unsightly colour of existing stretch marks.
- Ultra-smooth and fast to penetrate, it spreads over the skin easily and blends in straightaway, leaving it looking instantly smoother and feeling extraordinarily soft.
- From the very first applications the treated areas look visibly firmer, suppler and more toned, and if there are stretch marks, day by day you'll clearly notice that their appearance gradually improves.

Suitable for all ages and all skin types to prevent and reduce stretch marks on the chest, hips, stomach, thighs and buttocks.

Free from paraffins, mineral oils, PEG's, silicones, colourants, and other known allergens. Nickel tested (<0.0001%).
Directions: Apply the concentrate once or twice a day, helping it absorb with gentle circular motions.

When pregnant or following weight-loss diets, COLLISTAR recommend repeating the application twice a day and beginning the treatment at the start of your pregnancy or diet, and continuing for at least one month after birth or slimming.