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Barely Definer Sponge Soft


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Product Description

Blend to perfection: Barely Definer Sponge Soft is the ideal tool for creating the ultimate flawless complexion.

Ideally used for base products, moisture, primers, foundations, concealers and cream or liquid highlighters and blushers. Use the Barely Definer Sponge Soft to create a truly perfect base on which to build more defined finishes with your Definer Sponge Hard.

Suitable for use with all liquid, cream and powder cosmetics. The perfect tool for creating light, medium or heavy coverage. Barely Definer Sponge Soft is latex free, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Washable and long lasting (wash regularly to avoid bacteria build up).

Material: PU.

How do Barely's Definer Sponges work?
- Concealer can be applied with either the flat side for under the eye area. In this case, apply in a bouncing motion to encourage blood flow and boost circulation promoting radiance and reducing dark circles or if the concealer is being used to cover blemishes, Barely would recommended using the pointed side and using a pressing motion.
- Contouring is achieved with the flat side of the sponge by applying liquid or cream shade onto the hollows of the cheeks, in upward strokes, then using a bouncing/ tapping motion to blend out any visible lines.
- Highlighting is achieved using the flat side of the sponge by applying either highlighter or a light foundation that is 2 shades lighter than your normal colour. Draw a line straight across the centre of the forehead, a line from the centre of under the eyes to the temples, on the cupids bow, down the centre of the nose and on the indent of your chin, then turn the sponge to the pointed side and blend out using a tapping/bouncing motion.
Directions: Wet with warm water, then squeeze so that the sponge is just a little damp before use. This increases the surface area and allowing for quicker application times.

Use Barely Definer Sponge Soft in a bouncing motion, as this method allows foundation to blend better to the skin and makes base products appear as part of the skin.