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Travalo Milano HD Elegance - Black
Travalo Milano HD Elegance - Black

Travalo Milano HD Elegance - Black


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Product Description

Refill In Seconds with the Travalo Milano HD Elegance.

Decant your perfume in just a few seconds from any standard fragrance spray bottle. Travalo Milano HD Elegance holds up to 5ml of your favourite fragrance. Your fragrance goes from the original sealed bottle to the leak proof Travalo without any degradation or exposure to air. The new HD spray head atomises fragrance into a magical and remarkable mist. No assembly, no parts, no glass! Travalo is ready to use directly from the package. No assembly, no parts, and no dangerous, fragile glass.

Aircraft approved. Travalo glass-free safety and legendary strength makes it the only aircraft safety approved refillable perfume bottle for hand baggage.

Opulent, Luxurious And Substantial
- 100% innovative
- Modern retro design
- Luxurious, durable leatherette
- Finely crafted metal parts
- Supreme HD performance
- 65 sprays, 5.0ml
- Removable inner bottle

- Length: 10.8cm
- Width: 6.4cm
- Height: 3.6cm
- Weight: 61g net