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FOREO ISSA 2 Sonic Toothbrush - Cool Black


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Product Description


With ISSA 2, your search for the perfect toothbrush has come to an end. This rechargeable electric toothbrush from FOREO creates ever whiter and brighter smiles. Thanks to Sonic Pulse Technology it combines micro-sweeps and a unique hybrid brush head to remove plaque, stains and prevent tartar build-up and cavities. The brush head’s inner PBT polymer bristles remove plaque build-up while the outer ultra-soft silicone bristles gently massage the gums and inhibit over-brushing, preventing gum recession and damage to tooth enamel.


Now twice as powerful, with 16 adjustable cleansing modes and up to 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute, ISSA 2 gives you full brushing control. Completely waterproof and ergonomically designed, with a built-in timer and a 3D flexible brush head for a healthier mouth, ISSA 2 is meant to be used in the same manner as a manual toothbrush, preferably at least 2 minutes twice a day. Lightweight and easy to carry, ISSA 2 is USB-chargeable with no bulky charging dock - plus each 1-hour charge lasts up to 365 days of use! Every ISSA 2 comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Quality Guarantee.

Key features:
- Sonic Pulse Technology channels up to 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute.
- 2x the sonic power.
- Brush head combines silicone and PBT polymer bristles, strong on plaque but gentle on gums.
- 16 adjustable cleansing modes.
- 365 days of brushing per 1-hour charge.
- USB-chargeable, no charging dock required.
- Compact, ergonomic, lightweight, ideal for travel.
- Durable, hygienic brush head lasts twice as long as nylon toothbrushes.
- Silicone is ultra-hygienic, hypoallergenic, body-safe and quick-drying.
- Easy to clean and prevents bacteria build-up.
- 100% waterproof, for regular use in bath or shower.
- Every 30 seconds an interval timer prompts you to brush a new quadrant of the mouth.
- 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Quality Guarantee.
Directions: 1. Apply Toothpaste
Use your regular toothpaste and turn the ISSA 2 on.

2. Brush
Brush your teeth in the same way as you would with a manual toothbrush for 2 minutes using circular movements.

3. Rinse
Rinse your mouth and the ISSA 2 with water.