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Ecooking™ Multi Oil 500ml
Ecooking™ Multi Oil 500ml

Ecooking™ Multi Oil 500ml


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Product Description

Unique, multi-functional 100% organic oils and essential fragrance extracts from orange and lavender.

As the name indicates, Ecooking Multi Oil can be used for several purposes.

Can be used for/as:
- Conditioning treatment for your hair.
- Oil for your hair.
- Shaving for both men and women.
- Intimate shaving.
- Cuticle Oil.
- Body Oil.
- Serum underneath your Ecooking Day or Night Cream.
- If dry and flaky scalp, sleep with the oil applied to scalp and hair.
- Remove makeup and eye makeup.
- Your foot bath.
- As massaging Oil.

- Organic Jojoba Oil.
- Organic sesame Oil.

Ecooking is a cruelty-free brand; they do not test any of their products on animals. All products are natural, organic, paraben-free and vegan.
Directions: Ecooking Multi Oil is always to be used on damp skin and hair. It may also be used on dry hair to give more shine. If
doing so, put a small amount of oil into the palms of your hands and swipe over your hair from the scalp to the tips of
the hair. Gather the tips and “wipe” the last bit of oil into the hair. This adds shine and nourishment (to the hair).

When cleaning your skin, put the oil onto a damp cotton pad and cleanse. Use the same procedure for removing eye-makeup.

When shaving; dampen your skin with lukewarm water and apply Multi Oil to the area you wish to shave. Wait a minute and let the oil penetrate your skin in order to soften the hairs (1-
5 minutes). Shave normally with a shaver. In this way, you avoid in-grown hairs, beard plaque and dry, flaky
shinbones. When done shaving, apply a small amount of oil to the area.
Ingredients: Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil*, Simmondsta Chinensis Seed Oil*, Essential Oils**, Geraniol**, Citronellol**, D-Limonene**, Linalool**.