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Brushworks Precision Eye & Brow Set
Brushworks Precision Eye & Brow Set

Brushworks Precision Eye & Brow Set


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Product Description

Brushworks HD eye and brow set contains a selection of 5 essential brushes. Created to blend, highlight, contour and define your eyes and brows.

The Eye Shading Brush is designed for the entire eyelid, the wide semi-circle brush head complements the shape of your eyelid. Perfect for applying your base shadow powder or cream.
While the fluffy dome-shaped Eyeshadow Blending Brush offers precision and control. It disperses and blends harsh lines for a smoother transition of colour.
Create sharp lines with Angled Liner Brush making it perfect for powder gel liners or shadows. Achieve defined lines with the hand cut short firm bristles, use the angled flat edge to pack colour close to the lash line.
The densely packed bristles in the Pencil Brush target small hard to reach areas, placing shadow exactly where you need it. The perfect brush for brightening the inner corners of the eye, adding finishing touches or precise blending.
The Smudge Brush, with its short tapered bristles densely packed is ideal to hold plenty of shadow. Designed to fit alongside the lash line, the tapered end easily smudges shadow and liner to achieve a smokey eye look.

Brushworks Precision Eye & Brow Set contains:
- Eye Shading Brush x1
- Angled Liner Brush x1
- Pencil Brush x1
- Smudge Brush x1