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Amkiri 12 Sheets Stencil Set - Love is Love
Amkiri 12 Sheets Stencil Set - Love is Love

Amkiri 12 Sheets Stencil Set - Love is Love


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Product Description

This AMKIRI Limited Edition Love is Love Stencil Collection celebrates universality, openness, and love for all. Part statement, part whimsy, Love is Love supports the power of visibility and self-expression.

- Over 70 Designs
- 12 Stencil Sheets (6x2sets)
- (Visual Fragrance™ not included)
Directions: 1. Choose a design and stick stencil firmly on skin.
2. Gently shake The Wand.
3. Paint in the stencil with Visual Fragrance™; one coat should be sufficient.
4. Wait 10 seconds and while the ink is still damp, gently peel off the stencil.
5. Let AMKIRI dry for 3 minutes.

Embrace the magic of AMKIRI Visual Fragrance™!

These stencils designs are sold separately, and do not come with Visual Fragrance™ or a Wand applicator. The stencils themselves are not fragrant. You must paint the Visual Fragrance™ ink onto the stencil to get the full AMKIRI experience. If you are just starting out with AMKIRI, we recommend you try the Wand & Stencils Set first, then add to your design collection with an array of stencils.
Ingredients: Pvc, Caco3, Plasticizer, Acrylic Resin.